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This is me.

My mom likes to tell the story that teachers would line up to see what I would wear for free dress day at school. I was then and will always be a little weirdo with a love for bold choices. An outfit with personality. I started to realize that with the right pair of jeans, some gold jewelry and boots-- all you need is a playful t-shirt to say who you are.

When my sister and I came up with the line, we said we wanted this to be for "bold, outspoken women." And from that came Neon Witch. Neon colors are bold and bright. Witches were women who weren't afraid to speak out, to stand up for what they believed. Plus, who doesn't want to be a witch?

We wanted to make shirts that spoke to our general interests (murder shows) and took the stigma away from things we've dealt with in a light-hearted way (anxiety, depression). Not every shirt has a story (whoremoans-- haha) but every shirt has a tone. Playful, dark, fun, cool and unique.

I hope you neon witches love the shirts as much as I do. I put a spell on you and now you must buy them all! I'm joking. But wouldn't that be cool?

- Jillian